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On Nutrition and Women’s Health

As women, we often take on the responsibility of taking care of children, spouses, family, and sometimes even friends.  Daily I speak to women who feel overwhelmed, tired, and depleted.  I feel this is from forgetting to take time to nourish and take care of their self.  My goal for this article is to provide women with some simple ways to nourish themselves and to improve their overall health. No ...[Read More]

Here Comes the Sun..

By now just about everyone knows the dangers of overexposure to the sun, but we keep on baking either in tanning beds or outdoors. UV radiation  is the main environmental factor causing human skin photoaging  and skin cancer. UV rays are an invisible form of radiation that can penetrate and change the structure of skin cells leading to signs of accelerated photaging::   loss of skin elasticit ...[Read More]