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“Plum to Prune” Phenomenon

by Dr. Kelly Cobb The skin is the largest organ and detoxification organ in the body. It serves as the outermost protective layer of the body. It is comprised of the epidermis, the dermis below, and then the subcutaneous layer. The epidermis keeps producing new cells that push to the top of the skin surface. There are approximately 19 million skin cells on every square inch of your body. Changes t ...[Read More]

Thoughts on our Skin

by Sandy Cambre, ND,RN, CNHP, CCT They say “Beauty is only skin deep”  but if we don’t take care of our insides our skin will not be as beautiful as we all want it to be.  Taking care of our skin is not only having a regimen of good topicals such as cleansers, lotions and cosmetics, but it is more dependent as to what we feed our skin internally.  Most people don’t know tha ...[Read More]