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Baby Steps to Get Active and Lose Weight This Fall

Have you been wanting to lose a few pounds (or a lot) and get in shape? Now might be just the right time to join our physician monitored weight loss program! Call 266-9985 to get your first appointment! But even if you are not ready to take the leap just yet, Fall can be the perfect time to make small changes to your diet and begin getting active. With so many fruits and veggies available, it̵ ...[Read More]

Featured Product: Blemish+Age Defense for Adult Acne

Featured Product: Blemish+Age Defense for Adult Acne

At Nouriche,  we absolutely love SkinCeuticals!  Their products are different from many skincare products on the market and as such work better for lots of our patients than anything they’ve ever tried.   Blemish + Age Defense is one such product for adults suffering from problem skin and aging at the same time (double whammy.) Blemish + Age Defense uses an oil free approach to treating adult acne ...[Read More]

Avoiding Breast Cancer

It’s breast cancer awareness month! Here are some great tips for avoiding breast cancer from Dr. Hotze who is a leader in the integrative and functional medicine field.   (credit:  Dr. Hotze)

Lunch + Learn: Clear + Brilliant Event

Save the Date! Clear + Brilliant Lunch & Learn October 15, 2014, 11am- 1pm Join us for lunch, special discounts and giveaways. We’ll have a Clear + Brilliant expert on hand to answer all your questions and our aestheticians and medical staff will be available for mini-consults. Clear + Brilliant helps improve the look and feel of your skin with your very first treatment. It also helps st ...[Read More]

Pump up the Beat: Music and Excercise

Music can be many things to many people.  It can set moods, change them or allow us to express our current moods in a creative and artistic way.  At Nouriche, we’ve long been advocates of music and its effect on healing our patients.  It’s also a great way to get moving which is fantastic for our weight loss patients. What about music and exercise?  It seems everywhere you go in Lafayette, people ...[Read More]