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Estrogen Dominance

by Dr. Kelly Cobb Among the most common struggles of women in Lafayette is balancing their hormones. Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers that travel in the bloodstream to our organs and tissues and affect many different processes including mood, metabolism, sexual function, and reproduction.  Though scientists have identified as many as 50 hormones,  there are four major hormones that affe ...[Read More]

Functional Skincare: it’s not just about a pretty face!

by Dr. Kelly Cobb At Nouriche, we combine both wellness and aesthetics under one roof.  We take a multidisciplinary, functional medicine approach.  It’s important to recognize that the skin is a very large organ that can reveal very important details about what’s going on inside the body.  It’s why I became interested in skincare in the first place! For example,  if a young woman comes to us for l ...[Read More]