Brown spots, red spots or age spots? Here’s what you can do about hyperpigmentation.

Sciton BBL

Before & After BBL

One of the most common cosmetic complaints we experience at Nouriche is hyperpigmentation.  The condition, characterized by the darkening of areas of the skin, is caused by the overproduction of pigment called melanin.  Though it’s usually harmless and quite common,  it’s a nuisance to those who experience it.  

When it comes to pigment, along with most skincare concerns, it’s important to keep in mind that just as it doesn’t occur overnight, it can’t always be treated overnight.  Maintaining healthy skin is just like maintaining a healthy weight, you have to work at it and commit to it long term.

That said, we have many options available for patients looking to do something about hyperpigmentation.

Sunscreen: The most obvious way to reduce excess pigment in the skin is prevention.  I recommend that all patients use a daily sunscreen (even in the winter when you can’t always see the sun.)  Over the years, sun exposure can result in spotted hyperpigmentation (sun damage.) Check out our recently added line of EltaMD sunscreen products.  They are reasonably priced and offer something for all skin types.

Skincare Products Using medical grade skincare products is also a great way for reducing and preventing unwanted pigment in the skin.   Medical grade products offer higher concentrations of active ingredients and are tested with medical grade standards that over the counter products don’t have to stand up to.  Products (like Skinmedica Lytera or Obagi Clear) are especially helpful in treating hyper pigmentation because they allow patients to have something they can do at home every day between treatments to speed up the process of reducing pigment.  If you aren’t sure which products are right for you,  talk to one of our aestheticians and they can design a skincare plan just for you.

Forever Young BBL (photofacial):  One of the most innovative treatments that we have at Nouriche is the Forever Young BBL.  Not only are we able to specifically target brown and red pigment in the skin with this Sciton laser technology, but Stanford University studies have shown that regular maintenance treatments actually reverse the aging process. After 10 years of regular treatments,  patients in the study not only didn’t age in 10 years, they actually looked younger!

Clear + Brilliant:  The Permea treatment is the newest version of the Clear + Brilliant laser available.  It helps with pigment and pore size. In addition to improving the general condition of the skin, it increases the permeability of the skin and infuses it with antioxidants to boost the skin’s ability to reduce pigment.  Your skin will feel great and your products will be more effective!

Chemical Peels: Chemical peels are a quick procedure.  Your aesthetician will select and apply a chemical solution specifically for your skin type and needs.  Then over the course of several days, the outer layer of the skin will be exfoliated.  The cell turnover allows the pigment to be lighter, evening skin tone.  Though some chemical peels will have you peeling for many days after the treatment (VI peel,) we also offer lighter versions (Image or Skinceuticals Glow & Go) that will still offer exfoliating results with out the visible peeling.