About the Patient Portal

Nouriche Patient PortalNavigating the Nouriche Patient Portal is easy.

The Nouriche patient portal is a means (through a secure website link) for our patients  to request refills, schedule appointments, cancel appointments, send messages directly to individual staff members’ mailboxes,  view your lab results and view/update your health record. 

When anyone from our office sends anything to you via the portal you will receive an e-mail with a subject title that reads “Re:  Message from your healthcare provider”, the body of the e-mail will instruct you to follow the included link. When you click the link it will bring you to the login page of the portal site.Here you will click the login button, enter your login information and this will take you to your portal.  Before I begin instructions on how to navigate the portal I would first like to demonstrate how to access the portal through our website.

Accessing the Nouriche patient portal from our website.

Type in www.nourichemedspa.com into your internet browser to access our website.  Once there you will click on the “Patient Portal” button in the top right corner. This will bring you to the login page for the portal.  Just like before click on login, enter your login information and your portal will open.

Navigating the Portal:

The first page that pops up is the overview page/tab.  This tab will display all of the recent messages sent to you from our office.  At the top of the page there are tabs that can be clicked on to access different areas of the portal.  Several of these areas may also be accessed via the menu on the left side of the page.

Let’s start with the tabs at the top of the page. The first tab can be used to return to the overview page at any time when navigating your portal.  On this page you can see all the messages and results that have been sent to you by a member of the staff.  You may access these messages from this page by clicking on the blue writing to the right of the message. The writing in blue will be whatever the staff put in the “subject” line of the message.  Sometimes you will see “no subject” if nothing was put in the subject line.  When you click on the blue writing it will open another window displaying a message from the sender and another link.  When you click on this link it will bring up your actual lab results.   Remember clicking on anything in blue will open up a new window.  Clicking “back to messages” on your left will take you back to your messages screen.

Contacting the Staff from the Messages tab: From this screen you will be able to do the following:

  • Send a new message
  • Request a refill
  • Ask a billing question
  • Make a portal suggestion

If you would like to send a message to any member of the staff you would click on “New Message”.  From this screen you can pick the person you want to address your message to, below is a list of staff and their duties in the office to help you pick the most appropriate staff to help you. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE PORTAL IS TO BE USED FOR MEDICAL CARE ONLY AS ANYTHING WRITTEN IN A PORTAL MESSAGE IS A PERMANENT PART OF YOUR MEDICAL RECORD.


Once you have determined who you would like your message to go to find their name and click on it.  Enter your subject into the subject line and type your message into the body block of the message then press send.  Please remember that the response you get from the office may not be instantaneous as our staff is busy seeing patients, but they do check their portal messages several times a day so it is definitely quicker than calling and leaving a voice message.

You may request a referral to another physician or healthcare provider by clicking on “Request a Referral”.  Here you will type in the reasons you need a referral and fill in the physician or healthcare provider you want to be referred to.  

Portal Suggestion Box
“Portal Suggestion” is used when you would like to see a feature added to the portal.  Please keep in mind that we have no way to add, delete or change features of the software, but we are more than happy to relay your suggestions to the software company.  They are continually updating and are very responsive to customer suggestions.

Lab/Test Results
The next tab is the “Lab/Test Results” tab and when we click on it, it only displays messages with lab or test results attached.  Again, you would click on the writing in blue to view any correspondence from the staff sending you the results.  You will also be able to click on the lab results and see the actual results.

Health Summary
The next tab is the “Health Summary” tab.  Clicking on this tab will allow you to view your health summary in 6 sections:  Medications, expired medications, current problems, allergies, immunizations, and medical history.  You are able to click on each of these, remember to click on the blue writing, to see what is in your chart.  You will also be given the option to add or edit information in your health summary.  Each addition or change you make will send an alert to a member of our staff.  You will also have the option to print the information in this section.

The next tab is the “Medications” tab.  From here you will be able to see a list of current meds and request refills.  This page also gives you the option to view all past medications.  You will be able to request a refill from this page and add new medications that may have been prescribed to you by another provider.

The next tab is the “Appointments” tab and this page will allow you to view upcoming appointments and the reason for the appointments as well as request future appointments.

That is a general rundown on how to use the patient portal to enhance your medical care.  We are always striving to be more efficient.  

Some things to remember about the patient portal:

  • Only use for purposes related to your healthcare as all messages become a permanent part of your medical record.
  • Your user name and password are secure and should be kept private as it will allow access to your complete health record.
  • Lab and test results cannot automatically be seen on the portal.  They have to be attached to a message by one of the staff.  If you want to view a result that is not accessible through your portal you may simply request it from one of the medical staff and they will be happy to send it to you.
  • We have to set an expiration date to your portal agreement so if you receive an error stating your portal has expired, please call the office and we will be happy to reset it for you.
  • Please note that your password is secure and we do not have access to it, but we can reset it if you can’t remember it.  You simply need to call and let us know.
  • Remember that test in blue will always open up another window.