Message from Dr. Cobb Regarding Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamins at NouricheRegarding the recent news about vitamins in the media:

Patients often ask why we stock the vitamins & supplements that we do. This week’s news about fake supplements out in the market (at Wal-Mart, Target, GNC & Walgreens), reinforces my decision to work with companies (like Metagenics) who adhere to the very strictest quality standards (above and beyond what’s required and back all their products with scientific research. They devote the necessary time and staffing resources to ingredient safety, ensure the proper forms of each ingredient, and test for quality and ingredient purity at each step in the production process..

These vitamin & supplement companies pay regular visits to Nouriche to educate my staff.  They are partners with us in our quest to constantly be educating ourselves so that we can continually educate our patients.  Just last week, we had a metabolic detox seminar sponsored by Metagenics. 

I know that if I ever have a question, I can easily pick up the phone and speak to someone who is extremely knowledgable about the science behind every product we carry. My number one goal is to make each patient feel great and look great and I have every confidence in each of the vitamins and supplements we carry.

Cutting corners in nutrition and vitamin supplementation can have long-reaching health effects.  This is especially true of cheap supplements that may contain the wrong form of necessary ingredients or worse potentially harmful contaminants.  It’s also important to note that not all supplements are absorbed equally by the body.   Higher quality supplements are typically in forms that are much more easily absorbed. 

To learn more about vitamins & supplements visit our vitamin assessment page or call 337-266-9985 to schedule an appointment with the medical office.