Steps to Become a Patient

Nouriche New Patient Orientation

Thank you for choosing the medical practice at Nouriche. We aim to offer a different experience in medical care, one that takes into account the many influences on health. We know our patients are seeking information and consultation regarding their health that will empower them to make their own decisions thereby creating an optimum lifestyle.

Healthy relationships are built on good communication and boundaries. In order to foster the best communication, long term relationship and provide the best medical care, here’s what you can expect.  

Once you have made the decision to partner with us in your health journey,  you will fill out your new patient packet and submit it to the office.  This allows us to be fully prepared for your visit and minimize wait times for you and our other patients. 

Please call Asia at 337-266-9985 and she will email or mail you a new patient packet.

All new patients will see Jennifer Piker, PA-C for their very first visit.  Jennifer will perform a comprehensive review and exam, set a treatment plan, prescribe medications if needed, order labwork/testing and have you schedule a return visit with Dr. Cobb to review labs/testing and follow-up on treatment plan.  Dr. Cobb and her PAs work very closely together to offer the best care possible to our patients.

If you are a new patient, expect a comprehensive review of your past medical, surgical, social and family history.  A form is included for you to complete. Please add additional surgeries or history that may not be addressed on the form or anything else you feel is important: work environment, pets, food allergies, stress level, travel history, etc . Receiving this information prior to your visit allows us to input your information into our computer which can facilitate your visit. Our goal is to ultimately provide you with a copy of your medical visit each time and help you develop an up to date personal health record. 

If you were referred to Dr. Cobb by another provider, please request a letter be sent to Dr. Cobb outlining that physician’s concerns and any pertinent medical history. A release of Information form is included for your convenience. Please forward a copy of it to any medical providers whose records you wish to transfer for review or completeness. Please make every effort to bring these with you to your appointment. 

Please bring the following with you to your appointment:

  • Insurance ID Card
  • Photo ID
  • A list of all medications including dosages and directions (supplements, herbs and OTC medications included)
  • Any diagnostic testing results (labs, x-rays etc) done within the last year
  • Medical records from other treating physicians