Lifestyle Education

A therapeutic lifestyle, living your life in a way to improve your health, enables you to achieve a full, healthy life.  Meeting with a nutritionist and developing an individual nutrition plan is the first step.  Scientific research proves working with a nutritionist improves overall health, increases success rates and weight-loss maintenance.  Programs available include:

  • individual nutritional counselingMedical Weight Loss
  • 3-Day Nutritional Face-Lift
  • Anti-Aging Diet-  discover anti-inflammatory foods
  • Detox Diet- at a weight plateau, exposure to environmental toxins, food toxins
  • Nutritional Supplementation
  • Micro Nutrient Testing- Nutrients are lost and may become deficient through use of different types of medicine such as birth control, this test can reveal any nutritional deficiencies.
  • Enzyme Therapy- enzymes produced in the body aren’t as abundant as we need due to age and our diet,  this therapy may increase the absorption/digestion of many nutrients.

ALCAT Testing is available at Nouriche!

Food intolerance, is much more common than food allergies and is characterized by digestive disorders, migraines, obesity, chronic fatigue, aching joints, skin disorders and behavioral issues. It has been stated that upwards of 70-80% of the US population has food intolerance.  Unfortunately for many, those food intolerance symptoms are often identified as individual problems and treated as such, thus treating the symptoms and not the cause. The ALCAT is the most effective Food Intolerance Test available.  To learn more about ALCAT, check out their website here.