Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss in Lafayette

Lafayette medical weight loss at Nouriche Aesthetics offers those who are serious about losing pounds a way to do so that is healthy, allowing them to make lifestyle changes they can stick with for the rest of their lives. By working with your body instead of against it, you can find success.

What sets us apart from other similar clinics is the fact that we work with a wide range of specialists. When you visit us, you can consult with chiropractors, nutritionists, medical physicians, personal trainers, and more, and all will work together to help you reach your personal fitness goals.

This combination allows you to find the diet and exercise program that works with your body’s unique physiology. When needed, we can bring in hormone therapy, medications, and supplements to boost your success. Our goal is to see you successfully lose the pounds and live a healthier, more energetic life, and we offer the tools to do so.

The Weight Loss Center at Nouriche Aesthetics can fully assist you in your weight management efforts. Our staff physicians and clinical team will help create a lifestyle modification program with your total wellness in mind. Working with nutritionists, personal fitness trainers, psychologists, chiropractors and sometimes, medications or bioidentical hormone therapy, we can assist you in achieving your fitness and health goals. Call today for a consultation about Lafayette medical weight loss.